EWC organizers do not approve Team Spirit's application to participate in club support program

On May 6, the organizers of the big esports tournament Esports World Cup unveiled all participants of the new club support program. The list did not include Team Spirit.

In a comment to the Telegram channel CYBERSLOVO, the organization's management explained that Team Spirit applied for participation in the program on general terms, but did not receive approval. However, the representatives of the Esports World Cup Foundation did not explain the reason for the refusal. Team Spirit management emphasized that this circumstance will not affect the club's future plans in any way.

The Esports World Cup Foundation club support program features 30 esports organizations that can now count on additional financial support. 19 of them, including Cloud9, FaZe, fnatic and others, are currently represented on the Counter-Strike 2 pro scene. The full list can be found in our article.

Origin: t.me