FACEIT assures of its ability to combat DMA cheats

FACEIT Anti-Cheat is capable of detecting and blocking the so-called DMA cheats. This was reported in the blog of the competitive platform's developers.

According to the published information, FACEIT took notice of the DMA card use for gaining an unfair advantage in Counter-Strike back in 2018. Over the past year, this type of cheat has gained wide popularity and has become the most common source of account bans.

FACEIT state that the developers of DMA cheats mislead their clients, assuring them of impunity while playing on the platform. Often, the programs offered for using the corresponding equipment do not work or even install malware on the PC.

Note that cheats that use a DMA (Direct Memory Access) card are the most difficult to detect for anti-cheats. The equipment has direct access to the RAM of the PC, without interacting with the processor in any way, and can transfer data about CS2 to another device, which runs the cheat. Adding to the difficulty of detection is the fact that the DMA card for cheats is flashed in such a way that it appears as a hard drive, network card, or any other secure peripheral.

Origin: blog.faceit.com