Cloud9 knock out Wildcard from IEM Chengdu 2024; to play in Group B final

The playday at IEM Chengdu 2024 started with the Group B matches. In the first round of the lower bracket, Cloud9 crushed Wildcard (13:1 on Mirage and 13:5 on Overpass), while in the upper bracket semi-finals, prevailed over FlyQuest (16:14 on Inferno, 11:13 on Vertigo and 13:7 on Ancient).

As a result, Wildcard finished in last place, while secured a playoff spot, advancing to the group final, which will play out tomorrow, April 10. On the same day, Cloud9 and FlyQuest will continue competing in the lower bracket.

Today's IEM Chengdu 2024 program will continue with the matches in Group B: Astralis – FaZe and Steel Helmet – Nemiga.

The current Group B bracket looks as follows:

The full schedule and live broadcasts of IEM Chengdu 2024 matches can be found on the tournament page on our website via the link.