Leetify: Pistol rounds in CS2 are only slightly more important than in CS:GO

Analytical service Leetify presented comparative statistics on the importance of winning pistol rounds in Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO. As part of the analysis, they found out that the transition to the MR12 system had almost no effect on the importance of a successful start in the halves.

Leetify discovered that winning 1 pistol round results in winning the map 48% of the time. This number in CS:GO is 47%.

Furthermore, the service's analysts came to the conclusion that a victory in 2 pistol rounds is converted into a win in 62% of cases. For comparison, this value in CS:GO is 59%.

Thus, the analytical service was unable to confirm the suggestion that pistol rounds in Counter-Strike 2 are more important than in CS:GO. At the same time, 1.2 million matches in the Premier mode and 880K matches in matchmaking were selected as a sample.

Leetify also established that winning 2 pistols and a subsequent conversion round guarantees victory in 74% of cases. This is 4% more than in CS:GO.

Origin: leetify.com