Nigma Galaxy roster parts ways with club

On February 14, the female roster of Nigma Galaxy will enter free market. The team's coach Reinis "⁠hyskeee⁠" Grīnbergs shared this information via his Twitter account.

At the same time, the roster will undergo the first changes in the last two years. Ksenia "vilga" Kluenkova will depart the team, leaving the role of IGL to Victoria "tory" Kazieva, while her place will be taken by Zainab "zAAz" Turkie, who parted ways with G2 Oya at the end of last year.

The Nigma Galaxy roster is the sole leader of the Counter-Strike women's pro scene. The team won all four seasons of ESL Impact League, as well as secured titles at other big tournaments for women.

Yesterday, January 30, the team was invited to ESL Impact League Season 5, but will play the nearest matches at the YaLLa Compass Spring 2024 Contenders qualifier.

Ex-Nigma Galaxy lineup from February 14 will look as follows:

Victoria "⁠tory⁠" Kazieva
Alexandra "⁠twenty3⁠" Timonina
Ana "⁠ANa⁠" Dumbravă
Katarína "⁠Kat⁠" Vašková
Zainab "⁠zAAz⁠" Turkie

Reinis "⁠hyskeee⁠" Grīnbergs (coach)