G2 becomes BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 sixth participant

G2 won a ticket to the BLAST spring season final, having placed 5th-6th at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024. In the additional stage of the event, the Samurai defeated Liquid with a scoreline of 2:0 – 13:10 on Overpass and 13:7 on Anubis.

In turn, Liquid went to the Showdown tournament, where they will also compete for two tickets to BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024. The event will take place from March 6 to 10 online.

Earlier, Vitality, NAVI, FaZe and Virtus.pro qualified for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 by winning their quartets. In addition, Astralis advanced to the tournament, defeating BIG in the additional stage.

The team list for BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 looks as follows:

+ 2 teams from BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2024