smooya and Dragon depart The Witchers

Owen "smooya" Butterfield and Nikola "Dragon⁠" Boskovic are no longer part of The Witchers. The IGL and founder of the team, Rodion "fear" Smyk, told about this via his Telegram channel.

smooya has been competing for The Witchers since September of 2023, while Dragon⁠ joined the team in December. Together they won Betswap Winter Cup 2023, as well as placed third at European Pro League Season 11.

Note that The Witchers previously failed to advance to the closed qualifier for the Europe RMR. The team's best result in the open qualifiers was reaching the quarter-finals, in which they lost to EYEBALLERS in a match for the slot.

 The Witchers are now:

Rodyon "fear" Smyk
Danyyl "Synyx" Mazur
Daniil "Sdaim" Tupov