Team list for closed qualifier for Europe RMR completed

EYEBALLERS, Nexus, JANO and Zero Tenacity won the last out of the four open qualifiers for the Europe RMR. These rosters rounded out the team list for the closed stage of the qualifiers.

In the decisive matches, EYEBALLERS bested The Witchers, while Nexus took over Endpoint. In turn, JANO and Zero Tenacity defeated 30 Seconds To Win and Passion UA, respectively.

Note that at the closed qualifier for the Europe RMR, which will take place from January 18 to 20, 32 teams will compete in a Swiss system in two separate groups. Each of them will feature 8 tickets, while the remaining 5 slots will be distributed through the additional matches among the rosters that place 9th-11th.

The complete team list for the European closed qualifier looks as follows:
 Team Spirit
 Eternal Fire
 9 Pandas
 Zero Tenacity