9INE unveil updated roster

Swedish club 9INE has announced an updated roster via its social media accounts. It included Miłosz "⁠mhL⁠" Knasiak, Kacper "KukuBambo" Szlachta and Tomasz "tomiko" Uroda, while Wiktor "mynio" Kruk returned from the bench.

Previously, mhL⁠ competed for Falcons, with which he did not achieve success, while KukuBambo and tomiko were part of the Permitta roster. As for mynio, the 28-year-old player departed 9INE's main roster in early November and was replaced by Jakub "jcobbb" Pietruszewski.

Note that these changes occur after the organization sold Olek "⁠hades⁠" Miskiewicz, Kacper "Kylar" Walukiewicz and Krzysztof "Goofy" Górski to ENCE. At the same time, the team lost its invite to the PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Europe RMR. This means it will start its journey to the Major from the open qualifier, commencing tomorrow, January 8.

 9INE are now:

Kamil "KEi" Pietkun
Tomasz "tomiko" Uroda
Miłosz "⁠mhL⁠" Knasiak
Wiktor "mynio" Kruk
Kacper "KukuBambo" Szlachta

Piotr "nawrot" Nawrocki (coach)

Origin: twitter.com