Gabe Follower: Valve begin to massively ban cheaters with functionality of disabling spread

A large wave of bans for cheats with the functionality of disabling spread has been recorded in Counter-Strike 2. Data-miner Gabe Follower reported this via his social media accounts.

According to the source, the mass ban is connected to the new system of preventing suspicious hits, which was discovered in the game code after one of the December updates. This method of dealing with cheaters implies an ability to "skip the bullet" and "skip the bullet and re-roll a new bullet" but it is unknown how this works in practice.

Notably, amid the news about a wave of bans, the account of the season leader in the Premier mode with a CS Rating of over 33K was banned by VAC. It is currently unknown whether these two events are related.

Earlier, information surfaced about Valve working on improving anti-cheat for Counter-Strike 2. According to journalist Richard Lewis, the developers are creating a "revolutionary" technology of dealing with cheaters.