SPUNJ: Cloud9 acquired BLAST Premier slot for $900K

BLAST Premier slot costed Cloud9 $900K. Caster Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill told this on the HLTV Confirmed podcast, citing a "reputable" source.

According to SPUNJ, in a year of cooperation, the North American club will be able to return half of this sum through revenue share from BLAST.

I'm not going to say by whom, but I had multiple people send me some messages, and they told me roughly $900K. These were reputable people who mentioned these kind of sums to me, which was quite curious. I didn't even message them, they just reached out to me and told me how much it was. <...> It was interesting when I heard that figure for a year and essentially two Groups, which is what they are paying for. There is revenue share that they get from BLAST, which is very significant and covers more than 50% of that anyway.

Note that a few days earlier it became known that Cloud9 acquired BLAST Premier slot of Evil Geniuses. The partnership agreement is expected to last only for one year, since from 2025 invites to all tournaments will be controlled by Valve through their ranking system.

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