Gabe Follower: Valve prepare to release new case and knife called Kukri

Counter-Strike 2 developers are preparing to release a new case, which may also include a new knife, known in the community as Kukri. This was reported by data-miner Gabe Follower, who discovered corresponding information in the game code.

According to Gabe Follower, the latest CS2 update introduced changes to items_game.txt file. In particular, skins for the Kukri knife were added under the following names: purple, tiger_orange, damascus, marble_fade, steel, ruby_marbleized, sapphire_marbleized, blackpearl_marbleized, doppler_phase1, doppler_phase2, doppler_phase3, doppler_phase4.

It was also revealed that the developers are working on a new case, expected to feature old skins. Gabe Follower suggested that an old case with skins updated for CS2 will be re-released in the new version of the shooter.

Note that the existence of the new knife, called Kukri in the game files, became known shortly after the launch of the Limited Test. The code also includes a mention of a knife under the Twinblade name.