9z confirm MartinezSa signing

Argentine organization 9z has officially announced that Antonio "MartinezSa" Martinez joined the team. Therefore, the information previously published on HLTV.org has been confirmed.

The transfer of the Spanish AWPer took place from Movistar Riders, where he spent the last 15 months. The club announced the player's departure on December 1.

On the 9z roster, the newcomer replaced Santino "try" Rigal. In October, the 19-year-old Argentinean told about health problems due to which he had to go inactive.

It is currently unknown when MartinezSa will debut in 9z. The team has no scheduled tournaments until the end of the current season.

 9z's current lineup looks as follows:

 Franco "dgt" Garcia
 Maximilian "max" Gonzalez
 Nicolás "buda" Kramer
 Matias "HUASOPEEK" Ibañez Hernandez
 Antonio "MartinezSa" Martinez

 Gustavo "tge" Motta (coach)

Origin: twitter.com