Eternal Fire receive technical defeat in IEM Sydney 2023 qualifiers due to 1WIN's refusal to wait

Eternal Fire received a technical defeat from 1WIN in the open qualifier for IEM Sydney 2023. The reason was the opponent's refusal to wait for the end of the team's parallel, as Turkish club announced via their official Twitter account.

Today, August 12, Eternal Fire faced MOUZ in a match for a spot at Thunderpick World Championship 2023. Due to the fact that the match went to map three, the Turkish team did not have time to kick off the second day of the open qualifier for IEM Sydney 2023. However, 1WIN refused to wait for an opponent, which received a technical defeat.

Notably, Eternal Fire also lost to MOUZ in the qualifier for Thunderpick World Championship 2023.

IEM Sydney 2023 Europe Open Qualifier 2 ends today. Based on its results, the final team list for the closed qualifier will be formed.