Report: TSM put esports operations on hold; return to CS:GO is questionable

Reputable Sports Business Journal reported that TSM will soon be suspending most of its esports rosters and will likely sell a partner slot in Riot's League of Legends franchise.

The reasons for TSM's decision to pause the development of the esports discipline are unknown. At the same time, last year the organization lost the largest contract in the industry's history with the scandalously bankrupted FTX crypto exchange. Under this agreement, the club was to change its tag to TSM FTX and receive $210 million over 10 years.

Information on the possible suspension of TSM in the esports disciplines calls into question the return of multigaming organization to CS:GO. Six months ago, the North American club announced a CS:GO roster and later specified that it would be assembled in the second half of 2023.

TSM Vice President Dominic Kallas assured that the best players in the world will be considered when forming the roster, while ambitious tasks will be set for the starting five, including the Major title.

Notably, Kallas, who oversaw TSM's return to the professional CS:GO scene, left the organization in early May. The club also recently disbanded a successful Rainbow Six: Siege roster.