TSM VP on club's return to CS:GO: "If we’re going to be in an esport, let’s find a way to win world titles"

TSM Vice President Dominic Kallas gave an interview to Dexerto, in which he commented on the previously announced return of the club to the CS:GO pro scene. According to the head, the organization intends to assemble a competitive five and be in the conversation for the biggest titles.

I think we will be looking at HLTV top 30 talent. It’s not like we’re going to pick up a bunch of rookies. I think it could be a mix of rookies and players that are on other teams. <...> It’s like, if we’re going to be in an esport, let’s find a way to win world championships. Let’s not just be in an esport to be in an esport. Whether it’s Katowice, whether it’s the BLAST Pro Major in France, we want to be on the biggest stage and we want to give our fans something to cheer about. I think you’re going to hear TSM chants in every stadium where you go. If we can actually do that with having our players on stage, I think that’s the ultimate goal.

During the interview, Kallas clarified that TSM's previously announced negotiations with BLAST and ESL on entering franchise leagues do not mean that the club will receive a partner slot as early as 2023. The North American organization's VP noted that, to begin with, TSM must prove their worth as a good partner to the tournament operators.

Kallas also explained why TSM would not be signing a roster from their region. According to him, the club intends to expand its presence in Europe and find new fans in this region through the CS:GO team.

The VP did not give specific dates for when TSM's squad will be formed, only emphasizing that recently he has been contacted by many players who would like to join the project.

Origin: www.dexerto.com