Gabe Follower: Valve could start working on Operation for CS2

Data-miner Gabe Follower shared via his Twitter account another interesting discovery, as he found in Counter-Strike 2 files a mention of Valve working on a new operation.

The blogger managed to find many interesting things related to a certain OP12. Specifically, he found information on three new weapon collections: Counter-Strike, Pop Comic, and Myth & Monsters. Gabe Follower also talked about new pins and unknown cosmetic items called Pets.

The developers gave Gabe Follower the permission to publish this material. Immediately after the blogger's tweet was posted, the official CS Twitter account revealed one of the new pins, tagging it.

Previously, Gabe Follower found in Counter-Strike 2 files a mention of a new weapon and two types of knives – Kukri and Twinblade. It also became known about the possible appearance of a new toolkit, which will allow users to change weapon models.