Gabe Follower: Valve may add ability to change weapon models in CS2

A data-miner Gabe Follower spoke via his Telegram channel about the potential appearance of a new toolkit in Counter-Strike 2. According to the blogger, the developers will add an ability to change weapon models in the game.

For the time being, it is difficult to confirm the information and we have to wait for the official tools, but it is possible that, in addition to skins, the developers may add the ability to change the weapon models themselves.

Similar mechanic exists in Dota 2, where users can change or create completely new cosmetic items.

Previously, Gabe Follower found a mention of a new weapon, as well as code lines for two knives called Kukri and Twinblade in the Counter-Strike 2 files. Other data-miners have also dug up information on new grenades that may appear in the game upon its port to the Source 2 engine.