daps suggests holding tournament between three EG squads for the right to play at top level

Liquid's coach Damian "daps" Steele reacted on his Twitter account to Evil Geniuses' failure in the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 qualifying cycle. He believes that EG need to hold a tournament between their three rosters to determine the best team that will represent the club at the Major and other top tournaments.

What if the 3 EG teams played an in-house tournament to see who gets a chance to participate at the major or other events. Even though the main team should win, I just feel bad for the other 2 teams not getting a chance to qualify. There could be good benefits/takeaways from it.

I don’t see any negatives, if the main team dominates it solidifies the hierarchy within the project. If the main team loses then it may show the progress of the other 2 teams while also pointing out the weaknesses for the main team without having to find out at actual events.

Evil Geniuses expanded their CS:GO division in June last year. Since then, the organization's main team has competed at Major-qualifying events, as well as ESL and BLAST tournaments where the club has partner slots, while the other two teams compete primarily at the regional level in North America.

Origin: twitter.com

What do you think about daps' suggestion?