Team list completed for Americas RMR

With the conclusion of the closed qualifiers for the Americas RMR event, held separately for South and North America, the list of participants in the qualifying tournament for Paris Major 2023 has been finalized by Fluxo, Flamengo, Paqueta, Fuscao 1500, 00NATION, MIBR, yur, Detonate, Nouns and TeamOne. They joined Complexity, paiN, Imperial and BESTIA, who ensured their qualification earlier.

Fluxo, Flamengo, Paqueta and Fuscao 1500 advanced to the RMR directly from the South America qualifier. 00NATION and 9z, who had the worst Buchholz score among all those with a 3-2 record, played an additional game, where 00NATION emerged victorious.

The results of the South America closed qualifier are:

The final day of the North America qualifier saw MIBR, yur, Detonate and Nouns secure spots at the RMR event. In the confrontation for the last remaining spot, played in a fashion similar to that of the South America qualifier, TeamOne beat Evil Geniuses.

The results of the North America qualifier look as follows:

The Americas RMR is set to take place in the Mexican city of Monterrey from April 5-9. Fighting for five berths at the upcoming Major will be the 14 qualifier winners, as well as Liquid and FURIA, who received direct invites.

The team list for the Americas RMR is as follows:

 Fuscao 1500