CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1 viewer's guide

CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1 will take place in Malta from February 16-19. The tournament will see eight teams battle out $100,000 and a spot in CCT's Global Finals boasting a $500,000 prize pool.

Participants will be divided into two groups and compete in a Double Elimination (GSL) format, with the top two teams from each quartet advancing to the playoffs. The group stage's opening matches will use a best-of-one format, while elimination and promotion confrontations will be played as best-of-three. The playoff format features a Single Elimination best-of-three bracket.

Group A

 forZe (Jerry, zorte, shalfey, Krad, r3salt)
 Bad News Eagles (SENER1, gxx-, juanflatroo, sinnopsyy, rigoN)
 HONORIS (TaZ, reiko, SaMey, Sobol, lunAtic)
 Eternal Fire (XANTARES, imoRR, xfl0ud, Calyx, MAJ3R)

Group B

 Team Spirit (chopper, magixx, Patsi, s1ren, w0nderful)
 Sprout (Staehr, lauNX, refrezh, XELLOW, BERRY)
 ENCE (Snappi, Maden, dycha, SunPayus, HENU)
 Movistar Riders (mopoz, ALEX, dav1g, Martinez, sausol)

The prize pool distribution is:

1. $50,000 + CCT Global Finals 2024 slot
2. $25,000
3. $15,000
4. $10,000

The full schedule and live broadcast of CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1 can be found on the tournament page via this link.