Krad: "The current forZe lineup has good prospects" 

forZe's Vladislav "Krad" Kravchenko gave an interview to the club's press service in which he gave his take on the squad's current form and its prospects. The Russian believes that after the roster overhaul, his team is able to deliver good results. 

It's hard to say something about our form, since all the players are still not over the trials and are not in a good condition mentally. I think gathering at the bootcamp will help us unite and enter a mode where we can show good results. Let's see what happens at ESL Pro League Season 17. I can't say anything yet. In our group, I'm most excited to play Team Spirit. This is a team from our region that has been performing well lately. I would like to try my hand against them. <...> We've got a revamped roster, recently joined by me and r3salt. The current forZe lineup has good prospects. I think we will show a decent result at the RMR.

Krad also shared his experience of being trialed in forZe at the end of last year and explained the reason behind selecting former academy player, Evgeny "r3salt" Frolov, as the team's fifth member. 

forZe were trialing players and decided to bring me in and test in different positions with different teammates. The captain, coach and the rest of the players very quickly thought I was a good fit. Compared to the other guys on trial, I got accepted into the squad pretty quickly. We continued to try out other players, couldn't come to a decision for a long time, and in the end opted for r3salt. We really liked him for his aim. Yes, in some moments he is not experienced and not that strong in the global understanding of the game, but this is easily fixed. I think he has good prospects.

forZe's next matches will take place on February 16-19 at the closed qualifier for the European RMR event, which the team was previously invited to. The Russian squad's participation in ESL Pro League Season 17, mentioned in the interview, commences on March 15.