YNk: "Now there's a decent chance FURIA won't even be the best Brazilian team in 2023"

Analyst Janko "YNk" Paunović took to Twitter to share his opinion on the prospects of FURIA. He admitted that in 2023 they could lose their status as the strongest team in Brazil.

According to Paunović, FURIA's dominance in their region is threatened, among other things, by other Brazilian rosters that have stepped up in the off-season.

Both Fluxo and Imperial improved their rosters coming into the new year, on the other side FURIA doesn't seem to be making any changes of their own and now there's a decent chance they won't even be the best Brazilian team in 2023. Unless of course they've made a philosophical change to their approach which would include reining arT in significantly, that would give them a chance without an actual roster change but that seems unlikely.

Earlier, YNk criticized arT for FURIA's lack of tactics for winning high-tier events. In September last year, he said that parting with the in-game leader would benefit the team.

Origin: twitter.com