Astralis director threatens YNk in response to his criticism of HUNDEN's signing

Astralis Director of Communications Steen Laursen got into an altercation with analyst Janko "YNk" Paunović, who on Twitter called the Danish club "shit" and criticized it for working with controversial coach Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen. In response to these words, the manager threatened the analyst with the unveiling of some stories that would cast doubt on YNk's reputation.

YNk believes that the signing of repeatedly banned for cheating HUNDEN is not a surprise given Astralis' bad image in recent years.

Astralis as an org turned to shit a while ago, so this isn't a huge surprise but what puzzles me is how do guys like gla1ve, Xyp9x and device, who've won so much through sheer hard work and doing things the right way accept being associated with a character like HUNDEN.

In response to criticism from YNk, Laursen spoke out in defense of his club and hinted at the analyst's dubious reputation.

Whoa. I'm not going there, but do you really want to talk about behaviour? Just interesting that you call us a shit org and judge others by morale. Personally I think we have an awesome org and I am damned proud of how we work with and for the community. and how we invest in the positives of our industry, but that's besides the point here. But yeah, we can share stories if yuo want.

Subsequently, the director of Astralis apologized for his behavior and deleted some of the tweets. He acknowledged that such a sharp exchange of opinions does not belong in an open forum.