Staehr comments on Astralis move rumors

Talking with a journalist, Sprout' Victor "Staehr" Staehr responded to rumors that had previously appeared in the media about his possible move to Astralis. According to the player, no one from the Danish organization has contacted him at the moment.

Stehr added that it would be hard for any Danish player to turn down an offer from Astralis.

No, I have not written Astralis anything. I think a Danish player can say "no" to Astralis. I mean, of course, it would be hard because they have such a legacy and a big name in Denmark, but it really depends on who will play there and whether you will play your own positions. You can say "no" but it would definitely be hard.

Astralis' interest in Staehr hit the public space a month ago, when journalists learned that the Danish club offered Sprout to trade Staehr for Asger "Farlig" Jensen. Soon the club from Germany publicly refused this offer.