"No thanks". Sprout publicly respond to Astralis' desire to trade Farlig for Staehr

Sprout are not interested in a "Victor "Staehr" Staehr for Asger "Farlig" Jensen" trade deal, which was rumored to be offered by Astralis. "No thanks," the German club's official Reddit account succinctly wrote in the comments on the news of a possible player swap.

According to Jaxon.gg, Astralis want to see Staehr as a member of their revamped roster, a rebuild of which began recently with the benching of coach Martin "trace" Heldt. Earlier, Kristian "k0nfig" Wienecke also departed the Danish team.

The journalists learned that Sprout were not interested in letting Staehr go for a low price. According to the source, the club understands that Astralis are limited in the choice of Danish players to strengthen the roster.

Staehr is one of Sprout's top performers and has been with the team since the beginning of 2022. Recently, the Dane and his teammates had a successful run at the European RMR event, where the squad secured a spot in the Legends Stage at IEM Rio Major 2022, which will see them skip the Challengers Stage, the opening phase of the Major.

Origin: www.reddit.com