Official: Benched Heroes to miss Europe RMR

The organizers of the European RMR event have announced via their official Twitter account that Benched Heroes will miss the upcoming qualifying tournament for IEM Rio Major 2022. The press release confirmed the information previously announced by the European roster's member Owen "smooya" Butterfield.

The reason for the removal of Benched Heroes from the list of participants in the RMR is that Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat and Buğra "Calyx" Arkın do not have visas and therefore will not be able to travel to Malta, where the competition will be held. Tournament rules prohibit fielding two replacements.

According to the regulations, Illuminar will replace Benched Heroes. The Polish roster got the right to take part in the RMR event thanks to the results of the final open qualifier.

The Europe RMR will take place on October 4-9. Illuminar will start their campaign with a match against NAVI. Besides the Poles and Natus Vincere, fighting for eight tickets to IEM Rio 2022 will be ENCE, BIG, Vitality, Heroic, Outsiders, Falcons, MOUZ, Sangal, FANTASY, K23, Monte, OG, HEET and SAW.