s1mple denies Maltese hotel's accusations of uncleanliness 

NAVI player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev yet again took to Twitter to comment on the previously published accusations of uncleanliness from the Salini Resort hotel in Malta, which accommodates the participants of ESL Pro League Season 16. He called the statements of the hotel representatives a lie. 

The hotel management said that s1mple refused to clean the room, littered the premises and did not seek help to remove mold. In response, the Ukrainian promised that all false statements from the hotel would soon be refuted. 

LOL, dirty hotel = dirty lies. I didn’t expect that I would write this about gloomy hotel. The room was cleaned when I returned to Malta on 10th Sept and the mold was always there. I have never scattered food in my room, I am not that dirty. The only thing I did was leave the used package outside the door so it wouldn't stink so they could pick it up and throw it away (I feel like everyone do it in every hotel, that’s logical). Also in addition to this room I specifically rented another room in this bloody hotel and 1 more room in another hotel so basically I lived in 3 different rooms in the last 2 weeks (from 10 Sept till now). Tomorrow all your lies will come out. If this upset you so much, then you should finally understand that not everyone will be silent about your shady actions.

The conflict between s1mple and the Salini Resort hotel began a few days ago with a complaint from the esports athlete about insects and mold in his room.  Kostyliev criticized not only the hotel but also the employees of ESL, on whose behalf Ulrich Schulze, ESL FACEIT Group SVP, responded to the player's complaints.

Origin: twitter.com