ESL responds to s1mple's criticism over mold in hotel room at ESL Pro League Season 16

ESL, represented by ESL FACEIT Group SVP Ulrich Schulze, responded to NAVI player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev's complaints about the poor living conditions at a hotel in Malta, where ESL Pro League Season 16 is taking place. The representative of the tournament operator posted his message on Reddit.

Among other things, Schulze noted that before the situation was made public, Kostyliev had not contacted ESL for the provision of assistance.

s1mple got a different room when he notified our staff of the issue (which he did not do before the tweet). We have had a fairly active dialog with all teams and players since the start of EPL, working out solutions to various topics that were raised, so we had an active communication channel for those topics set up. We are still investigating, but the hotel is high standard and none of the 24 EPL teams has so far mentioned mold issues in any way. Since s1mple has lived in that hotel since their group stage matches, we are working with the hotel to identify how that specific room developed mold issues.

Noone is saying it popped up overnight. But as I said, hotel is recently renovated, very positive reviews, and no complaints about mold from any of the 24 teams, so very unlikely a room with this much mold would have remained undiscovered/unattended to for long. Which is what we are looking into (as in how was that possible), and even though s1mple chose to make this public I am not going to go into any more details about this. Providing players with good accomodation is key for us, and we have worked on this for the last weeks, but this tweet was sent before anyone on our end was even notified to help.

Mold in s1mple's room:

Besides the mold, there were ants in the room, s1mple said. "Shitty" is how he described ESL's communication with the teams and the Salini Resort hotel, which accommodates all the participants of the ongoing EPL season.