nafany: "Now the pro scene has no leader. About five teams are claiming this title"

In a press conference for IEM Cologne 2022 participants, Cloud9's in-game leader Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov shared his opinion on the current level of competition on the tier 1 scene. The Russian believes that currently no team can be considered the undisputed leader.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

Now the pro scene has no leader. About five teams are claiming this title. Many hold reshuffles, so there is no sole leader. Whoever wins IEM Cologne 2022 can be considered top 1. <...> It's hard to say something about NAVI because we only saw them at one tournament. It is clear that electroNic is a good player, one of the best in our region, but only time will tell how good of an IGL he is.

Besides assessing the competition on the pro scene, Gorshkov spoke about the expectations for IEM Cologne 2022, which his team will start in a match against Outsiders.

We want to prove ourselves at any tournament. This event is the last one of the season. I think we are well-prepared and will be able to put on a good performance. As for the first match against Outsiders, it's a little sad to play against this team, because in our meetings map picks are always the same. We have the same predictable map picks against FURIA and Complexity. It would be cool to play with Heroic, for example.

The match between Cloud9 and Outsiders will take place tomorrow, July 7, at 20:30 MSK.