New case, operation and map replacements: Gabe Follower spoke about the upcoming update in CS:GO

YouTuber Gabe Follower shared the information about what innovations should CS:GO players expect in the near future. Talking about possible changes, he referred to an inside from the developers and files obtained from the game code.

According to the source, the upcoming update has two expected release dates: either an intermediate update with maps rotation will be released in the near future, and a larger release with a possible new operation will take place in November-December, or all the changes planned will be released very soon.

Gabe Follower noted that recently there was a minor CS:GO update, which made data miners come to a conclusion that a buyable item or a separate page in the store would soon appear in the game. According to the YouTuber, this may indicate a possible addition of a viewer pass for the next major.

The content maker has also stated that a new case is about to be released soon. It will be associated with either an operation or another thematic event. Gabe Follower drew attention to the fact that all the recent operations had a special style. Based on hints previously posted on the official CS:GO Twitter account, he suggested that this time the update will be done in a sea style.

In addition, according to the blogger, almost all current community maps will be removed in the upcoming update, and those will be replaced with new ones. At the same time, the tournament map pool will remain intact.

According to Gabe Follower, the developers are also considering replacing the Frostbite map in the "Danger Zone" mode. It could be replaced by dz_county or Vineyard, but the latter location is made by the same group of enthusiasts that previously created Frostbite. The author of the video believes that adding two maps from the same third-party developer to the game is unlikely to happen.

At the same time, dz_fall was supposed to be added in the "Danger Zone" mode with the last update. This is evidenced by the models and textures remaining in the files. Perhaps Valve will have the location done for the upcoming update, YouTuber added.

At the end of the video, Gabe Follower revealed information from an unnamed source that on August 10 of this year, Valve registered two new untitled trademarks, which are illustrated by the CS:GO logo. He believes that although this is not evidence of a new CS version, it still can be considered a fairly strong argument supporting the theory that Valve are working on something new. Previously, the assumptions about any new Counter-Strike version were based only on the lines found in the game code.