The creators of Frostbite announced one more location for the Danger Zone mode

A new map for the Danger Zone mode appeared on Steam Workshop. The creators of the map are a group of enthusiasts who previously created the Frostbite map, which Valve added to CS:GO.

The announced location is called Vineyard. It partially reproduces the landscapes of Tuscany, the city in Italy.

Vineyard is currently available for download on Steam Workshop. Its creators addressed the community with a request to test the map and leave feedback following the link. In the future, feedback will help make the necessary adjustments.

To enlarge the image, open it in a new tab through the context menu.

Let us recall that the Danger Zone game mode was added to CS:GO in December 2018. Currently, players have four maps available: Blacksite, Sirocco, Jungle, and Frostbite.