Why Navi "HAVE TO WIN" IEM Cologne

eSports journalist Richard Lewis, in a video for the YouTube channel DEXERTO CSGO, called NAVI the main favourite of the ongoing IEM Cologne 2021. This is indicated by the current individual form of all players in the CIS squad, he believes.

Navi's Time IS NOW! IEM Cologne Or BUST... Richard Lewis reacts to Navi's impressive 2-1 win over Astralis at IEM Cologne 2021, where s1mple and co. defeated gla1ve, dupreeh, Xyp9x, Magisk and Bubzkji. A 16-7 (Ancient), 19-22 (Dust II) 16-5 (Inferno) best-of-three win was enough to secure their semi-final spot alongside NiKo's G2 Esports at IEM Cologne, CS:GO's long-awaited return to LAN. But with a potential rematch against fellow CIS rivals, Gambit Esports, on the horizon, Richard delves into why it's crunch time if Navi are to establish themselves as the best Counter-Strike team in the world.