Heroic & NIP keep their tournament hopes alive at Flashpoint 3

Heroic have confidently defeated their compatriots from Astralis 16-12 on Nuke and 16-14 on Overpass and NIP was stronger than German BIG 10-16 on Dust2, 16-6 on Overpass and 16-14 on Train in the fourth round of the lower bracket playoffs at Flashpoint 3. The winners advanced to the next round of the event, while the losing teams would play for fifth place in the tournament.

"I always thought I would make it to the top at some point, my goal has always been to dethrone Astralis on another team and that I have accomplished, so this is really nice," René "⁠TeSeS⁠" Madsen commented on wining the Danish derby.

The match Heroic - NIP, which will determine one of the finalists of the consolidation final will take place today, May 27, at 21:00 CET.

Current playoffs bracket: