HLTV.org gave up on covering Chinese LAN after suspicious matches

HLTV.org consultant Peter Milovanovic reported that the coverage of the Chinese ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2 has been terminated. In this way the authoritative portal reacted to the suspicious play of the contestants, which was pointed out by journalist Richard Lewis on his Twitter.

Three years ago, Milovanovic, as COO of HLTV.org, announced the decision to suspend coverage of all Asian online tournaments except for regional qualifications for major championships. According to him, management made a mistake when it decided that ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2 could be added to the site because it was in LAN format.

ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup 2 takes place May 5-8 in Wuxi, China. Six competitors, including established teams TYLOO and Wings Up, are competing for a $30,000 prize pool.