BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 first play day results

In the starting match at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 the renewed OG have been facing the mighty Danes from Astralis, and it turned out to be a huge upset for the latter. Astralis have lost to the European team with a score of 0-2 : 7-16 on Inferno and 17-19 on Dust2, and finish their tournament run, while their opponents advanced to the next stage to face the winner of the next match. A few hints on social media and dev1ce's interview to signal us that once one of the threatenings fives on the competitive scene might see changes in its lineup in the near future.

In the next match European G2, who have been up to shaky results lately, has expectedly dealt with Endpoint, who have entered the event with a substitute for recently transferred flameZ. The match ended 2-0 as well - 16-14 on Inferno and 16-11 on Dust2.

In the final match of the day North American Liquid were upset by Europeans from Dignitas. The meeting ended 2-0, 16-5 at Nuke and 16-13 at Vertigo.

Current playoffs bracket:

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