NAVI against FaZe has been the most popular matchup at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021

The most-watched matches of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021 matches were NAVI and FaZe in Group C. According to the statistics service Esports Charts, first place was taken by the final of the upper bracket, which has been watched by 543,863 people, while the grand final gathered 456,694 viewers.

The average online audience on all streaming platforms, except the Chinese ones, was 199,200. The peak of English-language broadcasts reached 244,319 people, while the Russian broadcasts peaked at 155,064 mark.

The top five most-watched matches in all three groups were exclusively games of Group C:

1.  FaZe –  NAVI (543,863 viewers)
2.  FaZe –  NAVI (456,694 viewers)
3.  NAVI –  MIBR (427,277 viewers)
4.  FaZe –  Liquid (400,058 viewers)
5.  FaZe –  Liquid (307,899 viewers)

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2021 took place from February 4 to 14. BIG, NiP, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, NAVI, and FaZe received direct invitations to the spring season finals after three groups.