QB Fire signed Danish line-up

Russian organization Quantum Bellator Fire has signed the Danish players, thus confirming the previously announced insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis. The official press release was published in the club's social media group.

Russian Artem "telstar" Esmantovich became the coach of the team. In his address to the fans, he expressed the hope for a successful performance of the roster.

For us it's the first experience with a fully European roster. Our management and coaching staff will make every effort to ensure that the roster will be able to compete at the highest level in the competitive Counter-Strike. The roster is strong, reliable and most importantly - workable. We have everything in order to return the roster to its former glory on the professional stage.

The organization also thanked Alexey "OverDrive" Biryukov for his help in selecting players.

QB Fire is currently participating in the Neo Esports Domination League tournament. On February 9, the Danes played their first match, where they defeated GROND.

Current Quantum Bellator Fire roster:

 Danny "BERRY" Krueger.
 Mathias "Maccen" Madsen
 Theis "J3nsyy" Jensen
 Victor "Staehr" Ster
 Niklas "JarKo" Rasmussen

 Artem "telstar" Esmantovic (Coach)