neL: Heretics are negotiating with K23 on Keoz

K23 player Nicolas "Keoz" Dgus may change the team in the near future. According to the authoritative insider Guillaume "neL" Kanelo, Heretics is in talks with a Kazakh organization about the transfer of a 19-year-old Belgian.

In case of successful signing Dgus, Heretics will complete the formation of the new team. At the beginning of November, Heretics camp has lost Alexandre "xms" Forte and Brian "Maka" Kanda, and a few days later Timothy "DEVIL" Demolon joined the team.

Previously, Keoz was in the interests of other French teams. In particular, the Belgian was on the shortlist of Vitality, which was looking for a sixth player and eventually bought Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom from Heretics.