IEM Beijing 2020 Europe playoffs seeding

ESL presented the seeding for the playoffs of the current tournament Intel Extreme Masters series for Europe. The eight finalists of the group stage will face each other in the matches of up to two victories in the Single Elimination bracket, except for the Grand Final, which will be held in BO5 format.

The only CIS representative in the play-offs IEM Beijing 2020 represented by NAVI will play with Astralis. The rest of the quarterfinal pairs look as follows: FaZe - G2, Complexity - BIG, Heroic - Vitality. T

Playoffs IEM Beijing 2020 for Europe:

The European part of IEM Beijing 2020 is held from 6 to 22 November. Sixteen teams compete for a prize pool of $150,000 and a slot at the IEM Global Challenge.