Summer RMR tournament for CIS will be hosted by WePlay! Esports

WePlay! Esports will host the second ranked tournament before ESL One Rio 2020 for the CIS region. The championship goes by the name of Clutch Island and will take place from June 16-28.

The top five teams from Regional Major Rankings will start the competition directly from the main stage, while the teams from sixth to tenth place will be invited to the closed qualifying round where they will fight the finalists of the open qualifiers series.

According to the current position in the RMR-rating, the CIS leaders are Hard Legion, Team Spirit,, Winstrike and Natus Vincere. It is noteworthy that some of the teams lost some points due to changes in their line-up.

Current position of the team in the RMR-rating for the CIS

Total points / Points for StarLadder Major 2019 + deductions / Points for ESL One: Road to Rio + deductions

Distribution of the Clutch Island prize fund:

1. $15,000 + 2000 RMR points
2. $10,000 + 1875 RMR points
3. $6,000 + 1,750 RMR points
4. $5,000 + 1,625 RMR points
5. $4,500 + 1500 RMR points
6. $3,500 +1375 RMR points
7. $3,000 +1250 RMR points
8. $3,000 + 1,125 RMR points
9. 1,000 points
10. 875 points