zEVES Takes Copenhagen Flames Coach Position

Copenhagen Flames announced the signing of Morten "zEVES" Wollan as head coach of its CS:GO core team. Former Nordavind captain took the place of Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg, who from February 2019 combined this position with the duties of the organization's esports CEO.

zEVES will return to esports activities after a year's break. From May 2018 to March 2019 he was the permanent leader of the Nordavind team, and before that he represented London Conspiracy, LGB, Copenhagen Wolves, Norse and Dignitas. On his last position, the Norwegian was a coach for eight months.

Under the guidance of his new coach Copenhagen Flames is making his debut as part of ESL One: Road to Rio, where he is currently ranked fourth in his group and is looking for a playoff spot. In the last two rounds the Danes will face FaZe and mousesports.

The current line-up of Copenhagen Flames:

Denmark Asger "farlig" Jensen
Denmark Magnus "Nodios" Olsen
Denmark Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen
Denmark Ismail "refrezh" Ali
Denmark Jonas "Queenix" Diedericksen

Morten "zEVES" Vollan (Coach)