Dekay replies to questions from twitter

Popular esports journalist Jarek Lewis aka DeKay has replied a lot twitter questions related to him, we've picked for you the most interesting questions and his replies.

Do you think Astralis is leading the way with a 6man rotating roster or is it a gimmick?

Everyone I have spoken with behind the scenes has a different opinion about this. Many people think that the six man rotation thing is actually just a long term play to eventually replace one current member of the team. I have heard a couple rumors but none I could substantiate. Even if that is true, I believe they do want to try the six man thing. Astralis love to innovate and this is another chance for them to get ahead of the curve once again. If it doesn't work, they can make any necessary changes and move on. There isn't a whole lot of risk, just unnecessary spending if it doesn't work out.

 Any roster changes you see in the near future for top 20 teams? Maybe a -Stew +Food sort of thing?

While I believe food is a great prospect, I don't see Liquid taking a risk on an unproven player. If they do make a move this year, I would expect them to aim for a top player in NA of some kind. The only way I see them reaching down that far is if they feel like they have no other choice. Given that we are stuck playing online, I don't feel like there is a need to rush into changes with that much risk.

What potential moves could 100T make in the future in your opinion to make the team better? Who would they need to replace or move around and all that. Not like rumors but you’re opinion 

I think at some point Dexter is the guy you almost have to try. I don't know which player would be best for him to replace, but he is ridiculously good. Other than that I like just about everything else about their lineup, I don't believe they need to change a whole lot.

 Opinion on the "new" NiP?

I think they have some really nice pieces but lack a bit of direction. I would like someone who is a bit more experienced as a leader to take control, but who do you even get? Sweden has next to nothing as far as in-game leaders, which is a shame. This roster could really do some damage with a proper leader, in my opinion.