SMASH introduced new roster

The Belgian esports organization SMASH announced its return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and introduced its new team.

The previous composition of SMASH, before signing known under the tag NoChance, left the club's camp in mid-November & after that joined GODSENT. Later Jesse "zehN" Lignala said that the players were on a trial for three months, during which they did not receive salaries, and the decision to leave SMASH arose after it became known about the intentions of the management to replace all but him and Martin "STYKO" Stick.

Current composition of SMASH:

 Denis "grux" Gutai
 Joaquim "discodoplan" Gidetun
Kamen "bubble" Kostadinov
Christians "fejtZ " Allsaar
 Sebastian "NEEX" Trela

 Anton "ToH1o" Georgiev (coach)