ESL One New York 2019: viewer guide

ESL One New York 2019 takes place September 26-29 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The group stage of the tournament will be held in the format of Double Elimination (GSL) BO3, while the main stage will be drawn within the grid Single Elimination BO3 + BO5. The prize fund of the championship is $200 000.

Groupstage seeding:

Group А

 ENCE (allu, Aerial, suNny, xseveN, sergej)
 eUnited (freakazoid, food, MarKE, vanity, Cooper-)
 G2 (JaCkz, kioShiMa, kennyS, AmaNEk, Lucky)
 Liquid (nitr0, NAF, EliGE, Stewie2K, Twistzz)

Group В

 Astralis (Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve, device, Magisk)
 FaZe (olofmeister, NiKo, rain, broky, TBA)
 NRG (stanislaw, tarik, Brehze, Ethan, CeRq)
 OpTic (cajunb, MSL, k0nfig, niko, TeSeS)

Tournament schedule:

26-27 September

16:00  Liquid vs.  eUnited BO3
16:00  G2 vs.  ENCE BO3
19:35  Astralis vs.  OpTic BO3
19:35  FaZe vs.  NRG BO3
23:10 Group А – Winner match BO3
23:10 Group А – Looser match BO3

27-28 September

16:00 Group B – Winner match BO3
16:00 Group B – Матч проигравших BO3
19:35 Group B – Looser match BO3
23:10 Group A – Decider match BO3

28 September

18:00 semifinal#1 BO3
21:30 semifinal#2 BO3

29 September

18:00 Grandfinal BO5

*All time is CET

Official broadcast:

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 EN – и