Seeding for preliminary stage of European Champions Cup revealed

Organizers of the European Champions Cup presented the seeding of participants at the preliminary part of the tournament, which will begin with a group stage in GSL-format. Based on the final results of the Preliminary Stage, the distribution of teams in the subsequent stages will be determined.

Seeding of participants at the Preliminary Stage:

Group А

Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Denmark Tricked
Germany BIG
Poland Illuminar

Group В

Russia DreamEaters
Denmark OpTic
Europe HellRaisers
Germany Sprout

Group С

Denmark Heroic
Russia forZe
Sweden GamerLegion
France Heretics

Group D

Serbia CR4ZY
Russia Team Spirit
Europe NoChance

The European Champions Cup will take place from 16 September to 23 November. As a result of the first two stages will be formed eight participants in the final part of the online championship, where the grid Single Elimination BO3 will be drawn with $60 000 prize pool and four slots for the LAN-final for the winners, which will be held in December in Malta.