ECS S8 Challenger Cup participants announced

Next season's Esports Championship Series organizers have presented a full list of Challenger Cup qualifier tournament participants, which will include sixteen teams from Europe and North America. Half of the participants received direct inquests, and the rest spots were taken by the finalists of the open-qualification series.

The Challenger Cup will be held in parallel in both regions from 10 to 15 of September. The competition will be held according to the Swiss-system tournament format, the final table of which, as in the previous season, will determine the order of candidates for participation in the ECS S8.

List of ECS S8 Challenger Cup participants in Europe:

Invited teams

Russia forZe
Serbia CR4ZY
Denmark Heroic
Europe GamerLegion
Denmark Tricked
Germany Sprout
Russia Team Spirit

Qualifier finalists

Kazakhstan Se7en
Denmark Ambush
Russia Espada
Germany BIG
France Heretics
Sweden Chaos

List of participants in the ECS S8 Challenger Cup in North America:


USA Riot Squad
Brazil Sharks
Brazil TeamOne
USA New Identity
USA Bad News Bears
Australia Renegades
USA Envy
USA Big Frames

Qualification finalists

USA The Quest
USA Lazarus
USA Kansas City Pioneers
Canada RBG
USA Rap Gang
South Africa ATK
Canada Oceanus
USA Peeker's Advantage

The eighth season of the Esports Championship Series will be held from September 16 to October 31.