FACEIT and ESL Will Work Together to Create New Format for Online Leagues

FACEIT and ESL announced the ESL Pro League and ECS schedules will receive a new format for the upcoming season in order to lighten the load on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players competing.

The new CS:GO ESL Pro League and ECS schedules for 2019 will have a lighter calendar and more exciting formats, according to FACEIT's announcement. It worked with ESL to help "lighten the load" on players and the fans tuning in to watch the events. No further information was given in the announcement, but ESL mentioned the new format will be announced next week.

ESL recently announced it will expand to 16 CS:GO teams in the EU region for the ESL Pro League. The changes will take place in the next season in 2019. ESL Pro League Season 8 recently ended.