FACEIT London Major New Challengers Stage Round 2 Matches Drawn

FACEIT has drawn the second round of matches for the New Challengers Stage.

FACEIT drew the second round of matches shortly after delaying the match between Astralis and compLexity due to sever technical and network issues that have been going on throughout the first day of the tournament. The draw was done off stream due to the aforementioned network issues, but all teams had discussed and decided to continue with the draw regardless.

The Day 2 matches are as follows:
1-0 Teams
- BIG vs. Vega Squadron
- Team Liquid vs. HellRaisers
- Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. TyLoo
- Astralis/compLexity vs. Rogue

0-1 Teams
- North vs. Team Spirit
- OpTic Gaming vs. Virtus.pro
- Renegades vs. Gambit
- Astralis/compLexity vs. Space Soldiers

Every Counter Strike: Global Offensive match for the second-round has been decided except for Rogue and Space Soldiers' opponents. Their opponents will be either Astralis or compLexity, depending on which wins the delayed match scheduled for Thursday at 10:00 a.m. BST. Rogue is currently in the 1-0 pool, while Space Soldiers is in the 0-1 pool, meaning that the loser of the delayed match will play Space Soldiers and the winner will play Rogue.

The FACEIT Major began on Sept. 5 in London and is scheduled to continue until Sept. 23.