FACEIT Claims It Made Teams Aware of New Roster Lock Rules Ahead of Minor

After a heated debate, FACEIT released a statement claiming that no rules regarding the newly announced roster lock were changed during the Minor.

The controversy was set off after Casper "ruggah" Due, the coach of the OpTic Gaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, posted on his Twitter that FACEIT never informed teams of the change from past Major roster locks that made players ineligible to play in the Major if they had played in any sort of official qualifier for the event. Ruggah said that the rule change was most likely made because of a connection or networking opportunity between FACEIT and another big organization.

However, in FACEIT's official statement, it said all teams had access to the new rules on June 25 and that every team competing in the closed qualified for the European Minor, OpTic included, had access to them. The rest of the CS:GO community is generally supportive of the move because it is something the players have been asking for in every Major.